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8th Radio Research Field Station UncleSam grabbed my young butt and shipped me here...without so much as a "by your leave".

In truth, I was one of the luckier guys who had the misfortune to end up in this God-forsaken place at the age of nineteen.... (18 would have been worse.) I was with the Army Security Agency...though, at the time that was a SECRET...as a matter of fact everything about my unit was a SECRET. Our very existence was a SECRET...we couldn't even use our real name, they called us a Radio Research Field Station...like, who's going to believe a unit of soldiers would go to VietNam to do research on radios??? We could have done that back home at our local libraries, I should think.

(Ya'know, when I stop to think about it, our mission was exactly that. Radio Research. It was our job to pin-point (RESEARCH) the location of VC and NVA Units, each would ofcourse have it's (RADIOS) out in the "Boonies" and triangulate the co-ordinates with a another bunch of Radio Researchers in Thailand to fix their position...then send B-52's over from Clark AFB in the Phillipines to bomb them into vapor. We were quite sucessfull at this. I have Presidential Unit citations and Bronze Stars and all sorts of medals to prove it. This is where ...when I think of myself as a non-Grunt..I wonder who actually killed more people??? Us Techno-soldiers or the foot soldiers??? Its a non-valor, heavy guilt thing...I wonder about it alot. I think Desert Storm brings this point to light after all this time.)

I was lucky becuase I was with that crack unit of radio researchers and never had to go out and "beat the bush"...as they used to say. I was allowed (read:forced) to stay inside the cozy confines of a very large Combat Base about 40 miles south of the DMZ. EXCEPT...

Except, when we had to pull guard duty. Then we dressed up like real soldiers and were trucked out to the perimeter. My unit always sat guard in the same place. Just to the bottom right of what was called then "Hill180" pictured below.
And boy were we regaled with stuff made to blow stuff up!!! We had a big box full of ordinance. Frag and CS grenades, Claymore mines, M-79 Illumination and grenades. (The M-79was the coolest of weapons..it was like a sawed-off shotgun Grenade launcher..it actually shot 40MM shells..they're BIG!! Very impressive!!! The Claymores were a flat slab of C-4 Plastic Explosive lain in behind a series of rows of ball-bearings that would blow up and blast the ball-bearings at the enemy...But even more scarey in this case, every other Claymore was set behind a 55gallon barrel of Foo-Gas that was pointed down the hill from our position. (Foo-Gas is White-Phosphorous a liquid/Gas that wont stop burning til it runs out of something to burn...The idea of having Plastic Explosives and ballbearings blasting ingited Foo-gas at you is something to consider..LONG AND HARD! Besides that we had a M-60 sub-machine gun and our personal M-16's. Oh yeah there was also a shed there with RPG's we had no need to even mess with except in curiousity THANK GOD!!!

This site has evolved from some ramblings and photos I put online late in 1996. When other 8th RRFS vets found my site they too wanted to share their experiences and pics. It's been an honor and an extreme pleasure to work with all these guys over the years to build this site into the rather large depository it's become.

Welcome to the 8th RRFS Click on the icon to move into the site. Links have been added chronolgically as the information and graphics have popped up in my inbox. Some of this stuff is silly, especially my stuff, and some is more serious. ENTER

A map of South Viet Nam showing where Phu Bai used to be.
8th Radio Research Field Station
ME..at 19 or 20.(Everything you NEVER wanted to know)
8th Radio Research Field Station

How I came to be a soldier in the first place...

I was just in the right place at the right time, I guess. The war was in full- swing and I was at the most desirable age (19).

My parents actually tried to find subtle ways of getting me out of going OVER THERE. One day I found myself touring the grounds at the York Academy of Art. Guess they thought I could get a college deferrment. The work that struck me most of the student work I saw there was a pig painted with his guts flowing out of the page towards the viewer. (Turned me right off!!!) What a farmer mentality! I was, after all used to watching films with little French children chasing balloons through the streets of Paris and erotic epics of naval oranges shot in close-up as a result of my time spent at the Delaware Art Museum honing my more refined artistic senibilities.

HILL180 in the distance, bunker, observation tower and antennae field.8th Radio Research Field Station
The killing that went on had to be attrotious ..I can remember the non-stop blasting of Howitzers to where I thought my head would erupt until I realized they were pointed away from me, towards the enemy. Then I felt the sound and concussion of in-coming rockets. (I'M NOT REALLY SURE ONE HEARS THE SOUND) One just feels the horribleness of High Explosives! (HE)

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