[ I got this Order of Battle BS off of the Maddogs site]

Deployed: 3 December 1967
Cover Designation: 265th Radio Research Company
Assigned Command: 303d Army Security Agency Battalion
Supported Command: 101st Airborne Division
Location: Bien Hoa
Reassigned Command: 8th Radio Research Field Station, Phu Bai on 23 February 1968
Relocated: Camp Eagle on 15 March 1968
Relocation: Phu Bai on 13 January 1972
Inactivated: 1 April 1972
Vietnam Campaign Credit: 5-17
Vietnam Honors: 3 MUCs, 4 RVN CGP, and 1 RVN CA
The 3d Platoon, 265th RRCo. was awarded an MUC.

The 265th was made up of alot of guys who just couldn't stand walking around Viet Nam in clean uniforms and polished boots even though they didn't have to clean or polish anything themselves...I'm kidding, of course!

Anyway, this page has been started to overcome a dirth of information on the web about those Fighting 265th'ers (ABN). The 8th site has other pages that tell their story though.

Purgason and Hagstad at the 265th RRCo, supporting the 101st Airborne at Camp Eagle near Phu Bai, RVN.
John Purgason and Mike Hagstad ('68)

Photo courtesy: John Hatcher

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